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In the operation of a vehicle battery requires care and attention. This is a lead storage batteries installed in vehicles operated daily.

    After buying a battery for longer life, do not put it below the 10.2 in the category and it is necessary to perform certain actions. Every 10-15 days to check the electrolyte level in batteries battery, it should be 10-15 mm above the plates, or protective shield battery. If necessary, bring the level back to normal, pouring distilled water. Once every three months to check the battery status. The battery should be cleaned of dust and dirt and neutralize the surface from stains and vapor of the electrolyte, wipe the surface with battery rags soaked in 10% solution of soda ash or 10% aqueous ammonia. Feather outlet terminal pins and fine sandpaper, to correct electrolyte level, and put the battery to recharge for 10 hours. The charge is made from the charger current to 1 \ 10 battery capacity. An indication of the battery charge is the rapid evolution of gas, a constant voltage of output pins on the battery is below 16, for 2-3 hours. When charging the battery-hydrogen gas is released, so you can not use open flame, smoke, near recharge the battery pack in order to avoid an explosion.

      Once a year, during the works listed above, after charging the battery, check and adjust the density of the electrolyte. Density test densimeter (hydrometer). It should match the season and area of ​​operation; the summer and in southern areas of 1.25-1.26 g \ cc, in the middle lane, 1.27, 1.28, 1.28, in the northern-1.30. In winter, the density increased to 0.02. Adjustment of the electrolyte density, electrolyte density is carried out 1.4 g \ cc, adding it to the batteries, the batteries. If added to the electrolyte density of 1.4, the battery allowed to stand 0.5 hours, stirring of the electrolyte, and measure the density. For the selection of the electrolyte from the batteries and adding, use a rubber bulb. Contact with the electrolyte on the skin, can cause chemical burns. In carrying out this work it is desirable to control the training cycle, which is in the discharge-charge the battery. Through the cycle, the battery discharge the current of 1 \ 12 tank, to a voltage of 7.2 on the pin pins, and then charge a 10 hour charge current of 1 \ 10 battery capacity. Constant voltage at pin pins-16.2 in, for 2-3 hours indicates fully charged battery.

    When installing the battery on the car, preferably on excretory pins to wear thin felt or felt rings impregnated with engine oil, after connecting the terminals with the pins, grease connection with petroleum jelly to reduce oxidation.

    These simple steps will keep the battery in good condition, extending its service life.

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