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The history of the battery.

If to return to the history of batteries, it is obvious that the first who has made a step to their creation was Alessendro Volta but he did not guess how to make the galvanic cell rechargeable. Another German scientist Wilhelm Zinsteden observed the effect of obtaining a direct current at immersion of lead plates in sulfuric acid but did not draw from this conclusions which can be put into practice.

 We are obliged by battery creation to French. French scientist Gaston Plante created in 1859 its prototype - the lead-acid battery which could unlike galvanic be recharged.


American inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison interested in accumulating properties of batteries capable to a recharge. He first thought to use the batteries for transport and helped to start the production of automotive batteries. Edison was not only a great scientist but also a practical-minded man. Thanks to him the electricity became valid for service to mankind.


Since the essence of the process of energy storage in lead-acid battery has not changed at all only the materials used in its production changed. Old ebonite containers of batteries replaced modern polypropylene. Ebonite less impact-resistant material moreover, polypropylene is much cheaper.

The modern car battery.

The modern car battery - it is the old lattice porous lead plates (one - lead, the second - lead dioxide) lowered into the electrolyte prepared from a mixture of distilled water and sulfuric acid with a variety of additives improving its properties. But the latest technologies used in the manufacture of car batteries significantly improve their performances. They reduce corrosion, increase service life of batteries, improve reception and electrocharge return, reduce water loss and shedding of active material, increase the temperature by increasing the frost resistance. Some additional devices such as indicators allow to monitor the level of battery charge.

The most important advantage of modern batteries can be called increase values of starting current  which provides a stable starting of the engine in any conditions of temperature and longer service life due to the reduction of self-discharge.

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