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Lead. Chemical element, denoted by the symbol Pb (Latin Plumbum, Eng. Lead, French. Plomb, it. Blei), has a serial number 82, atomic weight of 207, 2, density of 11, 34 g/cm3, a melting point of 327, 4 ° C , the boiling point of 1745 ° C.

Lead battery, since its inception has undergone many design changes, but the foundation of it remained the same: two lead plates immersed in sulfuric acid electrolyte. On the plate is applied a paste of lead oxide. When charging the battery on one of the plates of hydrogen is released, restoring the oxide to metallic lead, on the other - the oxygen carrying oxide to peroxide. The whole structure is transformed into a galvanic cell with electrodes of lead and lead peroxide. In the process of detente peroxide is oxidized and metallic lead is converted to oxide. These reactions are accompanied by the emergence of electric current that will flow through the circuit as long as the electrodes will not be the same - covered with lead oxide.
The storage industry - one of the most intensive consumers of lead.

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