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Starting current - a current which is required to run the motor. The engine without the use of the system start up current quenching can take a 3-7 times greater than the nominal value (ie the current value, required for normal-steady state operation).
Starting currents can be compared with the situation is quite banal. Imagine that you sit on your bike and you need to accelerate to a certain speed. You start to pedal, and at the initial stage are putting much more effort than when your speed reaches the normal value.

Motor as the rotor is required for promotion to make more energy than normal stable operation with a constant speed.

Continuing the analogy with the bike. If the distance is large enough, it is necessary to control the effort spent on some point or another. If you gradually and smoothly increase of effort, it is possible for a long movement with normal speed.

To reduce the inrush currents are different soft starter, thus reducing the extent of the costs of running the electric motor (for example: use a smaller wire cross section, using diesel power, and lower power stabilizers)

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